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CB Customs Broker GmbH is a specialist in every area of customs and customs clearance. With our more than 25 years of experience – and on 365 days of the year –, we are dedicated to the export and import goods by air, sea, rail and road from our head office in Kelsterbach, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport (FRA).

We provide our customers with automated end-to-end solutions, every common customs procedure, and solutions that are tailored to their individual needs. Our supplementary Transport services enable us to fulfil your logistical needs rapidly and reliably by offering you uncomplicated, one-stop full service.

The e-commerce industry benefits from our proprietary logistics solution that enables quick and seamless customs processing. Thanks to its modular structure, pre-defined IT interfaces and the highest level of encryption technology, our software can be used to clear large quantities of individual shipments as fast and cost-effectively as possible.

Customs Broker has been an Authorised Economic Operator and AEO-certified since 2013.

CB Customs Broker has 45 employees

time:matters and CB Customs Broker have been collaborating intensively and successfully since 2006. As the result of its acquisition of CB Customs Broker GmbH in September 2018, time:matters has integrated comprehensive customs expertise into its range of services.

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Who is time:matters?

time:matters is your expert in worldwide High Performance and Special Speed Logistics.

We facilitate the highly urgent shipment of replacement parts, medical specimens and important documents from A to B by air, rail and road – rapidly and reliably. In addition to speed and reliability, individual and flexible service is our top priority. time:matters is available around the clock, 365 days a year, to propose bespoke logistics concepts – for everything from an ad-hoc delivery to regular shipments.  Created by and derived from Lufthansa Cargo AG in 2002, time:matters employs more than 370 people. It implemented an environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001:2015 and is certified as an Authorised Economic Operator.

Which specific services does time:matters offer?

Which specific services does time:matters offer?

As experts in High Performance and Special Speed Logistics, as well as in time-critical replacement parts logistics, time:matters offers bespoke, highly-flexible, worldwide logistics solutions designed to meet particularly urgent or highly complex – i.e. “impossible” – logistical challenges.

Depending on requirements, we multi-modally integrate different means of transport. Here our service spectrum ranges from direct routes and airport-to-airport deliveries to door-to-door deliveries and charter flights.

For small shipments weighing up to 20 kg that must reach their recipient on the same day, time:matters offers the exclusive ic:kurier service with Deutsche Bahn, which employs ICE, IC and EC trains.

In the case of urgent or sensitive shipments that require continuous, personal accompaniment, the customer receives an offer that can be booked online in less than a minute through the On Board Courier platform airmates. In addition to speed, range and reliability, time:matters offers maximum flexibility to meet special customer requirements in the automotive, high-tech & semiconductor, life & health, machinery & components, medtech, aviation & aerospace sectors, among others. In addition, time:matters has its own courier terminal at Frankfurt Airport with direct access to the apron. The company’s personal and physical monitoring of all its import, export and transit shipments guarantees the highest level of quality, transparency and speed.

What’s special about time:matters services?

Due to its Special Speed Solutions, time:matters occupies a special area of the CEP industry. Along with globally positioned partners including Lufthansa Group, KLM, Air France, Eurowings, American Airlines and Deutsche Bahn, time:matters has an international air, rail and road network directly at its disposal. Unlike other CEP service providers, time:matters does not operate a standardised transport system. This enables it to offer not only speed and range but far greater flexibility, in order to meet special customer requirements.

Hence, each transport solution is individually planned before being personally monitored and executed. In addition, time:matters has its own courier terminal at Frankfurt Airport, as well as apron access at Munich Airport.  Courier terminals serve as hubs for the handling of couriered and express deliveries. Due to the access they provide to airport aprons, they also facilitate shipment monitoring.  Status updates are done digitally and in real-time.

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