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Your expert for tailormade & Digital customs solutions

We are a full-service customs agency and expert in customised customs clearance and digital customs solutions. Customers benefit not only from a complete solution tailored to them and fast customs clearance, but also from our many years of experience. By consistently organising ourselves into business segments for different industries, we are able to offer our clients a broad range of advice for all customs procedures as well as specialisation within the segments and thus better respond to individual requirements of different industries.

We offer automated complete solutions across various industries in addition to all common customs procedures. We are the first customs agency in Germany to have fully digitalised the necessary customs clearance processes by using our own customs clearance software.

Regardless of whether goods are transported by air, sea, rail or road: As a customs broker, we are your expert for customs clearance. We offer solutions for consignors and consignees, forwarders and integrators that are tailored to all logistical challenges. As a leading customs broker, we work for leading industrial companies, integrators and online mail order companies.

Since 2006, we have been taking care of the transport, import and export of goods by air, sea, rail and road 365 days a year. Our company headquarters in Kelsterbach is located in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport. Due to our AEO-certification, we offer simplified customs procedures and secure your supply chain. With our dedicated team of around 65 employees, we are at your side around the clock.


A strong network

As a wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Cargo, Customs Broker has access to a strong global network and extensive know-how. The connections to Lufthansa Cargo make Customs Broker a trustworthy and strong partner for all your customs clearance needs.

Our Vision

Our motto ‘Our Passion for Service’ reflects our passion for providing our customers with top-notch service. We place great emphasis on quality and are always available to ensure that our customers’ needs are met. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is at the heart of our business operations.

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